Liminal Partners
Unleash your highest potential. Evolve to the next stage.

liminal partners

Unleash your highest potential.
Evolve to the next stage.


Liminal Space:
The space between “current reality” and “highest potential”; a space that requires a fundamental shift- transformation.

Liminal Partners is a transformation agency. We help leaders, their teams, and their organizations to cross the Liminal Space and achieve breakthrough performance. Our purpose is to be a ‘container’ for our clients to engage in deep exploration, powerful conversations, and bold transformation. We achieve this through blending coaching, facilitation, and mindfulness with emerging social technologies.

The feedback we get is that we’re different, and our clients like that. We create immersive experiences with an emergent and participatory approach that inspires novel perspectives, fosters collaborative alignment, and drives meaningful behavioural change.



Our Clients






How successful you are in work and life is a function of the mastery of your mind. In partnership with Potential Project, we enable leaders, teams, and organisations to achieve focused minds and breakthrough performance through our cutting-edge mindfulness solutions co-developed with neuroscientists and masters of mind training.



You are already successful and are asking yourself: What’s the next stage of growth for me/my team? How do I unleash my/our highest potential? How can I/we play my/our bigger game? Speak to any professional athlete/team at the top of their game and they will tell you that their coach is critical to their success. Similarly, our ICF-certified coaches work with you/your team to deepen self-awareness, unleash potential and support your next stage of growth.



You have an opportunity to bring the right people together for a short but concentrated period of time to tackle a truly meaningful challenge. We blend agile, design, and emerging social technologies to create immersive 2-5 day sprints for your team to engage in deep exploration, have honest conversations, and prototype the new.


The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
— Marcel Proust


Let’s Connect.

You’re ready to take the next step, but you may not be sure if we’re right for you.
It may be hard to imagine what transformation even looks like. That’s okay.
Many of our successful engagements begin with nothing more than a candid conversation.

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